Cedar Backyard Chicken Coop

Round-Top Backyard

Made in the USA

100% Cedar Construction

No Stoop Design

Round-Top Mobile

Made in the USA

100% Cedar Construction

4 Hens in a Stealth Size

Round-Top Walk-In

Made in the USA

100% Cedar Construction

Full Height Walk-In Coop

Round-Top Ranchette

Made in the USA

100% Cedar Construction

Keep up to 20 Chickens

Integrated designs, fill from outside coop, no-freeze option.

Easy Fill Chicken Waterers

Clean No-Poop designs that can be filled from outside the coop.

Easy Fill Chicken Feeders


We're a family owned Coop manufacturing company located 10 minutes west of Austin in the Texas Hill Country.

We are a family owned Coop Builder located 10 minutes west of Austin in the Texas Hill Country. We keep 100′s of chickens in the coops we build.

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Welcome to the home of the Round-Top Chicken Coops™.  We’re glad you’re here and hope you find something that meets your needs and budget and most importantly, something that you and your chickens will love. Here’s a quick overview of our coops.

Our Backyard Model features a Roost-Over-Run™ design that makes for easy stand-up day to day self contained care of up to 20 hens depending on configuration. 

The Mobile Coop is for those who portability is the major consideration.  Keep up to 4 hens in style with this cool little coop. It’s fold out roost wing design stands out as a signature feature.

The most compact way to keep up to 20 hens is the Round-Top Ranchette.  Its essentially two Round-Top Backyard Coops hooked together doubling feed, run space, egg box space and roost space.  It can be bought as a package now, or added later when you want to grow.

Its a one of a kind over-the-top thing, but for the ultimate luxury for you and your chickens, buy the Round-Top Walk-In coop and house up to 20 chickens in style and with ease.  Its the only coop in its class that will ship ready to assemble right to your door.

All of our coops are made from 100% Appearance Grade Western Red Cedar with galvanized hardware and advanced all weather joinery and super heavy duty welded wire… right here in the USA. Compared to other coops, Urban Coop Company Round-Top Chicken Coops™ will last longer and look better doing it. They’re designed to be both beautiful and functional.

Visit our reviews page or facebook page and see comments from some of our hundreds of satisfied coop owners or feel free to contact us at 877-741-2667 (Coop) and we are happy to answer any questions you have.