Easy Fill Chicken Waterer
No Mess Waterer Hens drinking from chicken waterer Round-Top Backyard Chicken Coop

Backyard Coop Easy Fill No Poop Chicken Waterer

This no mess, easy to fill waterer provides 4+ gallons of fresh clean drinking water that will last your chickens for days. Water is delivered to the chickens through a specially designed nipple which means no water bowls for your chickens to dirty and best of all, no yucky water bowls for you to clean. The waterer can be filled in place standing outside the coop with either a hose or water pitcher. It can also be removed and replaced easily.



Slotted Waterer CapIMG_2180 $10 Free! A slotted cap to use with an immersible heater that you provide which together can keep your Easy-Fill No-Poop Waterer from freezing in cold temperatures.


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SKU 121 Backyard Coop Waterer - Integrated EZ-Fill No-Poop coop waterer with serviceable poultry nipple and slotted cap that can accommodate a customer provided heater.


SKU 123 Backyard Run Extension Waterer - Integrated EZ-Fill No-Poop extension waterer with serviceable poultry nipple and slotted cap that can accommodate a customer provided heater. Slightly shorter than the coop waterer.

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Product Description

info48Please note, this waterer is designed to be used with average sized chickens.  If you are using it with growing chicks you’ll want to place some type of block in the coop for them to reach the nipple.  We use a cinder block which can be found at a home improvement store.

How to make this waterer freeze resistant.

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Our EZ-Fill Waterers and Feeders are custom designed to work with our coops. We are not able to guarantee how they will function, or the suitability for their use, in coops other than the ones they are designed to be used with.

Round-Top Backyard Chicken Coop
Waterer Specifications

Dimensions: Diameter 4 inches, length 46 inches.
Weight: About 3 lbs.
Material: UV Stabilized BPA Free Plastic Pipe. Nipple is a gravity style replaceable plastic nipple with a stainless steel valve ball.
 Capacity: About 4 gallons.


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