The unobstructed doorway and wide entry allow a person to just rake out the inside of the coop.
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►Round-Top Coops™ Are Different...

Bargain brand coops are not a bargain for long. Our coops are more durable, which means they last. But it also means they're predator safe places for chickens to live. Our coops are methodically thought out and have deliberate advantages that save you time and make a healthier place to keep chickens. They're among the best coops money can buy. We hope you decide they're right for you...but call us if you have questions. Our #1 goal is to make sure our coops are a good fit for your needs and meet your expectations. Here are 10 things to know about Round-Top Coops™.

circles-wood Wood - US Western Red Cedar
Cedar will last outdoors many, many years painted or not. It's not chemically treated yet naturally resists rot and bugs. It's very strong.
circles-hardware Hardware - Exterior Grade Galvanized
Heavy gauge exterior grade hardware is much more predator proof and will last a long time.
circles-wire Wire - Welded Galvanized Livestock
It's at least 4X stronger than hardware cloth found on most every other coop.
circles-predator Joinery - Old School Carpentry
Beautiful, strong, outdoor-proof methods will hold up over time and we guarantee it.
circles-roof Roof - Galvalume™ 5V Crimp
Patented Galvalume™ won't rust, reflects radiant heat, stays cool. Nothing is stronger than metal.

circles-design Designs – Beautiful & Practical
We lean towards highly ventilated, roomy, minimal opening designs with weatherproof roosts and open sunny runs. Sunlight is a disinfectant and stimulates egg production too.
circles-climate Winters Multi-Climate Versatility
Only use when needed. Magnetically attach Storm Panels in freezing winds and snow. Translucent, lets sun in. Healthy.
circles-support Support – Chickens Are Our Passion
We’re basically chicken keeping consultants to our customers. We provide unlimited help. We use our coops every single day.
circles-waterer Waterers – Integrated No-Poop
Convenient, overhead no poop, outside fill, can be freeze-proofed, food grade, hold a lot, can add extras, takes up no run space. Saves time.
circles-feeder Feeders – Integrated No-Poop
Convenient, vertical no poop, outside fill, weather resistant, food grade, hold a lot, takes up minimal run space. Saves time.
If our coops are in your budget, they’re actually a great value. We don’t try to fool you with “free shipping” that we both know isn’t free. Well made coops are very heavy, shipping them is not cheap. We don’t try to trick you about where they’re made, size or capacities of our coops. We respect your intelligence.

Thanks for shopping!

Montie Twining
CoFounder – Urban Coop Company

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► Product Short Description...

A High Quality Great Design Made From Premium Materials
5stars You won’t find this value anywhere else in the market!

Multi-ClimateThe Walk-In Coop is the perfect trifecta of solid cedar construction, ergonomically mindful design for both the hens and the humans caring for them, along with an aesthetically pleasing look. This is the fourth coop along with two run extensions that I have purchased from Urban Coop Company. Each transaction has been backed with email and direct communication / customer support in a very timely manner. This company stands behind their products! Great people providing a great product.

Eric R. – Lexington, Kentucky

► Dimensions

We calculate hen population based on ~4 ft² per bird run space (free range by Gov’t standards) adequate roost bar space, egg box space, and quantity and number of feed and water units. You add extra space because you’re being extra generous on space, or you’re adding room for extra hens in an optional configuration.

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► Product Specs / Chicken Capacity

Dimensions: Run Area: 110″W x 100″L x 90″H
Roost Area: 32″W x 100″L x 68″H
Overall Height 90″
Weight: Fully Assembled ~700 lbs. (weights given are for fully dry wood)
Chicken Capacity: Averaged sized hens…
Up to 20
Shipping: DIY/Contractor Kits Delivered Door-to-Door
11 Boxes: 58x26x8 approx. 70 lbs max each
1 Box: 108x27x1 approx. 45 lbs (single length roof metal)
See product detail links below for additional information.

► Interactive - Coops In All 50 States...

Interactive Map of Customer Coops By Zip Code

Drag, Click & Zoom Map. Click on (X) to close. Mapped to Center of Zip Codes

► Live Somewhere Really Cold ?

A Bright Way To Keep Out The Cold Winds & Snow In The Winter... Take Them Off When Things Warm Up!

Storm Panels block out snow, wind and wind driven rain but still let critical light in.

Storm Panels block out snow, wind and wind driven rain but still let critical light in.

multi-climate-1Live somewhere cold? No problem, we've got you covered... literally! Almost every breed of adult chicken when kept dry and out of the wind chill are very, very cold hardy... even in sub zero temperatures. So if you can keep the water from freezing, the snow from accumulating in the run areas and keep sub zero winds off your flock...they're good to go. And our panels let in critical light during short winter days.
 Keep The Water From Freezing Too...

Coop waterers are shipped with a slotted cap that allows the water to breathe air as the water goes down.

We make the slot big enough to allow a cord of an immersible heater to go through too.

See the Easy-Fill Waterer accessory page for your model coop for more details. There are links to buy the heaters that fit from Amazon.

Photo Gallery

Round-Top Walk-In Coop FeaturesRound-Top Walk-In Coop Tall InsideThe center of the coop has a arch design that gives ~ 7 1/2 feet of head room.A series of ramps allow hens to roost on almost 200" of octagonal bars fully protected in the roost.The unobstructed doorway and wide entry allow a person to just rake out the inside of the coop.This feather foot is enjoying a drink from one of the 4 poultry nipples.Egg boxes have inside access doors for cleaning or egg collection.A hen on the roost bar system of the Walk-In Coop.Four feeders are built into the coop accessed from outside and hold ~40 lbs of feed.A special home for some fancy feathers.The doorway is wide enough to cary in a bushel tub or small wheelbarrow.Every coop has an engraved logo and serial plate for insurance purposes.An Optional set of Storm Panels is available for the Round-Top Walk-In Coop to keep out bad weather of all kinds.Round-Top™ Walk-In CoopRound-Top™ Walk-In CoopRound-Top™ Walk-In CoopRound-Top™ Walk-In CoopRound-Top™ Walk-In CoopRound-Top™ Walk-In CoopUrban Coop Company Walk-In Chicken CoopJump bars serve both as a pre-entry to egg boxes and somewhere for chickens to perch during the day.

Round-Top Walk-In™ Chicken Coop

The Ultimate Way To Keep Urban Chickens…
Up to 20 Hens & Full Standing Height Made In USA No Background 100px Size copy
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Current Special Offers:
List Price: $4,950
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Save: $1,051 (21%)
limited-time-offersWalk-Through Door Option: $299 $50
Buy your Walk-In Coop with the really cool Walk-Through Double Door option and we'll give it to you for only $50. See the details in Step 6. Customize of the Wizard.

Personalize Your Coop!
It's free at time of purchase of your new Walk-In Coop. Just choose in the Coop Order Wizard and it will be added to your order for $99 Free!

sm-rectangle_shop Walk-In Coop Order Wizard
Built the way you want...
Phone Orders: 877-741-COOP
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Product Detail Links

It's like nothing else in the marketplace...

  • Walk-In Coop

    If a Walk-In coop is what you want, nothing else in the market compares… and it ships right to your door.

    Handcrafted from 100% North American Appearance Grade Western Red Cedar. Will last many years with or without painting.

  • Pre-drilled holes, can be assembled in about 8-12 hours by two people with only a drill and a measuring tape. Screw bits and everything else you need is in the box.
  • Shipped via FedEx or UPS to your door.  Avoid the hassle of freight terminal pick up or freight delivery scheduling.
  • Provides two 8 foot long roost bars for sleepy hard working hens. Your girls deserve a roost like they get in nature.
  • The walk-in design is ergonomically friendly. Requires little or no stooping or bending over to manage your hens and you can get inside out of the weather too.
  • Updraft ventilated roost. Assures the respiratory health and safety of your hens in hot or cold climates. No stinky poop trays. Poop composts on the ground and can be easily raked up.
  • Standard integrated Easy Fill Feeder Quad and huge Easy Fill Watering system. Feed and water your flock standing up outside the coop! No cleaning of stinky waterers or messy feeders, doesn’t take up valuable run space.
  • Keep up to 20 hens full-time in this coop.
  • Built with all galvanized metal hardware and all weather advanced joinery methods. Rugged long lasting tangible quality.
  • Made with heavy duty 16-gauge galvanized predator proof welded wire. No chicken wire, no hardware cloth. As safe of a coop there is.

Phone-iconGot Questions? Call us and we’ll help you figure things out. 877-741-2667

What to Expect After the Sale

Whether you're a first time backyard chicken rancher or a seasoned veteran, we want you to have a premiere experience with Urban Coop Company. We realize our coop is a significant investment for most people and take seriously making sure you're satisfied and hope you will tell others.

First Contact - If you don't order from us over the phone, you should expect an email or call after you place your order on our site to let you know we got your order and that we understand everything correctly.

Delivery - Your expected ship time-frame is in your order confirmation email. You should expect to receive  fairly large boxes (2 Mobile, 3 Backyard, 6 Backyard-Duplex, 11 Walk-In... and more if you ordered extensions) to be delivered to your home or other designated place. Each box is from 40-135 lbs but no one part in the box weighs more than 20 lbs. If your boxes were to get rained on, it would certainly be soggy, but no harm would come to your new coop.

Coop Assembly & Setup - Written instructions are provided with every coop and on each coops product page too.  We get calls with questions from less than 5% of customers when they are setting up their new coop. Just know that if for any reason you need help, we answer our phone at all but the rudest of hours and are happy to assist. In the rare event that there is shipping damage, a missing part or a mis-manufactured part, we ship out a new part right away. We hand make your coop so it is possible that we make a mistake.  It is rare, but it does happen. Coop assembly overview videos are available on-line at YouTube.

Getting Your Hens Situated - If you're not already experienced, we expect that we will be one of your main resources for you to get comfortable with keeping hens. We expect that you will contact us with questions about chicken keeping until you know what you need to know to be comfortable. We as a family have hundreds of hens at any point in time, and use our coops to house many of them. Chickens are incredibly hardy and after you get to know how it all works you'll be amazed how little effort it is and how much fun it can be. Each of the instruction sets have particular suggestions for getting started with that coop.


Egg Production / Coop Capacities - Round-Top Chicken Coops™
Advanced Detailed Information...
info48Numbers are guidance and are "not to exceed" figures based on various sizes / breeds of chickens. Read carefully for a better understanding of choosing a coop for your needs.
 Hen Size Color Key: Bantam Sizes  / Average Sizes / Large Breeds
Round-Top Chicken Coop™ Model & Configuration Egg Production Range /wk Run LxW Run ft2 No Free Range Time With Free Range Time
Hit "esc" or click outside image to close... Mobile Coop 16-24 4 x 5 ft 20 ft2 6/4/2 6/4/2
Hit "esc" or click outside image to close... Mobile Coop & Run Extension  16-24 4 x 10 ft 40 ft2 6/4/2 6/4/2
Hit "esc" or click outside image to close... Backyard Coop  24-36 5 x 5 ft 25 ft2 10/6/4 14/10/6
Hit "esc" or click outside image to close... Backyard Coop & Run Extension  36-48 5 x 10 ft 50 ft2 14/10/6 14/10/6
Hit "esc" or click outside image to close... Backyard Duplex Coop  36-48 5 x 10 ft 50 ft2 20/12/8 28/20/12
Hit "esc" or click outside image to close... Backyard Duplex  + 1 Extension  48-60 5 x 15 ft 75 ft2 20/15/10 28/20/12
Hit "esc" or click outside image to close... Backyard Duplex + 2 Extensions  60-72 5 x 20 ft 100 ft2 28/20/12 28/20/12
Hit "esc" or click outside image to close... Stand-Up  24-36 5 x 6 ft 80 ft2 10/6/4 10/6/4
Hit "esc" or click outside image to close... Sustain  up to 84 10½ x 7 ft 75 ft2 28/20/12 28/20/12
Hit "esc" or click outside image to close... Walk-In Coop  60-72 9 x 9 ft 80 ft2 30/20/12 30/20/12
* We do not advocate keeping only 1 bird by itself unless it is for isolation / quarantine reasons.
Note On Counts: Bantams and Silkies are considerably smaller than average sized chickens. Average sized hens are common bred Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks, Sex Links, Ameraucanas, Leg Horns, Wyndotts, Asutralorps, most Orpingtons and similar. We consider some of the larger breeds to be Brahmas, Jersey Giants and the like. Many show bred chickens are genetically larger than their common bred relatives. Over crowding any coop can cause health risks to the birds because of (among other things) ventilation concerns and will make it to where you have to clean more frequently. Free range time is during the day-time hours and assumes 2-3 hours per day 50% of the week or more. Space for chickens is a very, very personal decision that takes in factors of perceived humaneness which we of course cannot measure. We offer these numbers as a guide based on our considerable experience, industry standards on ft2/bird and guidance from poultry academia. Rounding down can never hurt (we do not advocate keeping only one bird alone) and we do not recommend going any higher than stated counts.

A little more about how we count...

Combinations are based on (1) reasonable available roost space (2) egg box space and (3) ground impact. When we design a coop we target a minimum of 4 ft2 per averaged sized bird assuming them getting no free range time. This number is for ground impact reasons and assumes you have good drainage and the ground drys up between occasional rains.

The above numbers favor run space regardless of roost or egg box space. Run space is a very, very personal decision. Many coop makers certainly provide less than our 4 ft2 per bird (averaged sized) target for run space.  Our chicken keeping experience says 4 ft2 per hen is an acceptable number for healthy averaged sized hens that are caged 100% of the time and for things not to get too smelly.  If you have the space and the budget, adding run extensions is always a great thing. It can never hurt assuming the additional space is equally predator proof to your main coop.

Our numbers are next controlled by roost space.  In hot weather hens spread out a little, and conversely, in cold weather they will cuddle up more.  The numbers we use are for average sized hens in a broad range of temperatures. Hens are very communal and will often all gang up on one roost bar even if there are two.  Some coops don't even provided roost bars.  Ours do because it is the natural best way for your hens to sleep at night.

Egg box space is not a limiting factor in any of the above stated scenarios.  Certainly chickens have personalities like people, and some hens are more picky and dominant about egg laying privacy, but in general chickens share a space together or just wait their turn for egg laying. Again, hens are very communal creatures.

Egg production ranges assume 5 eggs per week as a low and 6-7 as a high. Some areas of the country have longer off seasons for molting birds. Daylight hours, feed quality and age of hens also effect lay rates. And of course breeds. For example, Leghorns are laying machines compared to most other breeds and will regularly lay an egg every day. Some breeds may only lay 2-3 eggs per week and that is normal for that breed.



Walk-In Coop Assembly Instructions

RTWC Instructions Rev FThe Walk-In Round-Top Chicken Coop™ is no more difficult to assemble than any of our smaller coops, there's just a lot more of it. A flat level ~ 10x10 area is a very important requirement for the coop to assemble easily. The only tools you will need is a cordless drill, hammer and a measuring tape. Some of the work will need to be done from a 6' ladder. If you are not comfortable standing on a ladder you may want to hire the assembly done for you. Two people with basic "handyman" skills will require 8-12 hours of time to assemble. Basically, it is a weekend project. Download Latest Round-TopTM Walk-In Assembly Instructions 7 meg PDF File Rev F

We’ve created a ~ 8 minute video that gives an idea of what goes into assembling a Round-Top Walk-In Coop. If the embed below is not working or you prefer to watch the videos directly on YouTube, click here.

The printed instructions that come with your coop and the .pdf file on the Assembly Instructions Tab are always the latest version.

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