Round-Top Coops™ are sought after because they're handcrafted, use the best materials, and we back it all up with premium customer support.

Dyan Twining | Founder, Urban Coop Company

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Each Round-Top Coop™ design solves specific needs, but the quality, durability and craftsmanship are all the same in every coop we build.

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Ingredients matter.

Bargain brand coops are not a bargain for long. Round-Top Coops™ are made to be durable, which means they last. But it also means they're predator safe places for chickens to live. Here are 10 things you should know about Round-Top Coops™.

  • Wood - Western Red Cedar

    Cedar will last outdoors many, many years painted or not. It's not chemically treated yet naturally resists rot and bugs. It's very strong.

  • Hardware - Exterior Grade Galvanized

    Heavy gauge exterior grade hardware is much more predator proof and will last a long time.

  • Wire - Welded Galvanized Livestock

    It's at least 4X stronger than hardware cloth found on most every other coop.

  • Joinery - Old School Carpentry

    Beautiful, strong, outdoor-proof methods will hold up over time and we guarantee it.

  • Waterers - Integrated No-Poop

    Overhead no poop, outside fill, can be freeze-proofed, food grade, holds a lot, can add extras, takes up no run space. Saves time. Whew!

  • Roof - Galvalume™ 5V Crimp

    Patented Galvalume™ won't rust, reflects radiant heat, stays cool. Nothing is stronger than metal.

  • Designs – Beautiful & Practical

    We lean towards highly ventilated, roomy, minimal opening designs with weatherproof roosts and open sunny runs. Sunlight is a disinfectant and stimulates egg production too.

  • Winters – Multi-Climate Versatility

    Only use when needed. Magnetically attach Storm Panels in freezing winds and snow. Translucent, lets sun in. Healthy

  • Support – Chickens Are Our Passion

    We’re basically chicken keeping consultants to our customers. We provide unlimited help. We use our coops every single day.

  • Feeders – Integrated No-Poop

    Convenient, vertical no poop, outside fill, weather resistant, food grade, holds a lot, takes up minimal run space. Saves time.

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