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Round-Top Coops™ are a fortress for your chickens… 

Don’t be fooled.  Bargain brand chicken coops are not really made in the USA, won’t last as long and are not as predator-safe as Urban Coop Company chicken coops. Thoughtful designs cut down on flock care, leaving you extra time to enjoy your chickens. Buy a coop from Urban Coop Company and not only get a great chicken coop, gain a trusted experienced resource too.

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 See for yourself why a Round-Top Coop™ from Urban Coop Company is better.

Round-Top Backyard™ Chicken Coop

Round-Top Backyard Chicken Coop™

Our Round-Top Backyard™ model is by far our most sought after chicken coop and for good reason! There is no easier, practical and beautiful way to keep up to 20 hens (depending on configuration) and can be added to as you go.

Round-Top Mobile™ Chicken Coop

Round-Top Mobile Chicken Coop™

The Round-Top Mobile™ chicken coop is for those who portability is the major consideration. Keep up to 4 hens in a stylish, stealth way with this cool little coop. It’s fold out roost wing design stands out as a signature feature.

Round-Top Walk-In™ Chicken Coop

Round-Top Walk-In Chicken Coop™

For customers who want to walk into their chicken coop, we introduced the Round-Top Walk-In™ coop. Like all of our coops, its 100% cedar, heavy duty and ships as a kit right to your door. House up to 20 chickens with ease and the convenience of full standing height.

Urban Coop Company - Stand Up Chicken Coop

Round-Top Stand-Up Chicken Coop™

A more compact version of our highly successful Walk-In Coop, the Round-Top Stand-Up Chicken Coop™  is an all new way to pamper both you and up to 6 averaged sized hens in style. Amazing features assure a great chicken keeping experience.

Urban Coop Company - Round-Top Sustain™ Chicken Coop

Sustain Chicken Coop™

The Round-Top Sustain™ is the commercial version of a chicken coop that we designed for The Native Egg Project™ (a 501-c3 non-profit) to be deployed in Haiti. Eggs are consistently ranked as one of the highest (if not the highest) renewable food source for high nutrition and high calorie food values.  The proteins and essential fatty acids in eggs are unique and critical to brain and body development  The coops is particularly designed for up to 20 Leghorn or Sex-Linked layer hens and 1 or 2 roosters for the flock.   An optional incubation / brooder box gives an integrated grow-out area for continued flock re-generation.  Will easily yield a dozen eggs per day. Perfect for schools, university programs, community sustainability projects or for a large family or group of families who love fresh eggs or want food security.

Make your new coop… yours with custom options too!

Want to learn more, visit our Facebook page and see comments from some of our coop owners all over the US.  And no matter which coop you choose, you can rest assured that we’ll help you through your new purchase and new chicken keeping endeavor.

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