2016/17 Storefront Partner Wholesale Program

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► Program Concept

Chickens and therefore coops are very seasonal. The chicken coop high season is from on average March – May in the US beginning a month earlier in warmer parts of the country and running a month later in colder regions. We do about half of our annual business in the 4 months of March – June.

How The Program Benefits Urban Coop Company: (1) having a way to get a coop to a customer faster than they can get on our site (2) reach customers that we might otherwise not reach (3) have a way to offer assembled coops less expensive than our site and tap that market more deeply (4) be able to offer a customer onsite assembly (5) have a viable way of increasing our sales in the off season at a time when we traditionally have excess shop capacity. (6) even though we give up margins on coops, we have the opportunity to sell accessories to someone in the future.

How The Program Benefits The Partner: (1) you get to carry a well made US produced chicken coop that gives you viable margins (2) value added sales opportunities to further enhance those margins (3) modest cash outlay (4) you can direct a customer to the manufacturers web site to shop and not worry about pricing (5) manufacturer takes care of warranty claims (6) you get to carry something better than big chain stores have (7) manufacturer will nationally advertise the availability of coops for same day delivery at your location (8) at no additional charge, you can have the coop branded with your name & logo.

Our perfect Storefront Partner is like a feed store or an Urban Farm & Ranch store. We do not plan to sell into big box stores.

► How You Make Money

There are several terms you’ll need to understand for the program to make sense:

  1. List Price – The retail price that we list a product for at www.urbancoopcompany.com
  2. Buy Direct Price – Price we sell product for directly at www.urbancoopcompany.com
  3. LSW – Low Season Wholesale. October of one year through February of the next.
  4. HSW – High Season Wholesale. March through September.
  5. FOB – Prices include palletized boxed packaging but not shipping.
  6. ACH – Automated Clearing House electronic payment. Usually, no charge to either party.
  7. DBP – Direct Buy Price.

Your margin comes from (1) discounts on purchase (2) you can pay freight to get coops to you at a low price and then capture back your shipping costs at a profit (3) extra things you can sell them like assembly, delivery or or the service of setting up the coop and maintaining it.

Example: For instance, you buy a Backyard Coop from us for 15% less than someone on our site. For a coop that lets say “Lists” for $1,149 we sell it on our site DBP for $799 your LSW price is $632. Your landed cost for the shipping is, lets say, $50 instead of say $140 (our zone 5 site shipping rate) someone would pay on the site. If you sell a customer the coop at the same price we would on our site $939, you would have a $257 margin on a landed cost of $682 or 38%. You’re free to sell it for more or less. It’s your coop… sell it at any price you want. Sell it with assembly and delivery and make an even better margin.


To check a price of what a customer would pay to ship a coop to your area, put product in the cart and enter the zip code around your shop. That will give you an accurate idea of what they would pay on our site and help you determine sales prices. Keep in mind you will deliver on the spot. We usually are a week to 10 days out, and in Spring, easily 3 weeks out.




► Program Particulars

Order Minimums Initial order of at least $5,000 in product. Minimum orders of $2,500 after that. Terms 50% ACH (e-Check) with order 50% ACH on handover to carrier… +2.25% for credit card.
Qualifying Products Chicken coops, coop only or coop, waterer & feeder combos (aka Package A) Discounts Discounts vary by product and season but range from 30% to 45% off of list price.
Conditions Only available to verifiable storefront business as the customer. Coops sold in our wholesale program are not covered by our buy back guarantee as we have no control over the business transaction you have with your customer. All purchases are further governed by our standard terms and conditions as applicable. Nothing in this arrangement shall constitute a “dealer” relationship and you agree to not advertise anything to that effect. No contracts. Warranty Product warranty to your end customer begins from time of sale to you. No other warranty other than product warranty is implied. It extends only to the original person to whom you sold the coop.
Shipping Prices are F.O.B. Dripping Springs, TX 78620 for either boxed coops or for palatalized boxed coops. You are responsible for shipping to your location.

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List Price Coop Only

UCCO Lowest Direct Buy Price Range

HS Wholesale Price

LS Wholesale Price

Projected Per Coop Freight

Site Assembly Charge

Box Count

List Price Package A

UCCO Lowest Direct Buy Price Range

HS Wholesale Price

LS Wholesale Price

Projected Per Coop Freight

Box Count

Wholesale Pricing

SKU 100 Backyard 


$898 - $958






$1,036 - 1,096




SKU 500 Mobile


$478 - $526






$568 - $616




SKU 700 Walk-In


$4,098 - $4,339






$4,426 - $4,667




Updated 12/14/2016

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