Picture us building you a chicken coop!
Picture us building you a chicken coop. Our coops are safer, last longer and take less of your valuable time!

If we sell it… we built it.

Your new coop is made right here in our woodworking shop, by hand, by American carpenters. Every one. Model for model our chicken coops are bigger, safer and more roomy than competitor chicken coops.
We don’t exaggerate capacity. We don’t cheat on quality. We use the best materials we can buy. We realize our chicken coops aren’t cheap…but they’re not cheap. That’s the point.
Shop online or call 877-741-COOP to place an order or just ask us a question. And finally, we are serious about great customer service. Just check out our Facebook and you’ll see.
Our whole crew says thank you for shopping our coops!



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Primary Design Goal

Photo Pop-Up

Standard Sized Hens *


Typical Eggs/Week *

Very Highly Predator Resistant

Integrated Water & Feeder Available

Winter / Summer Climates

Appearance Grade US Sourced Western Red Cedar

16 Guage Welded Galvanized Livestock Wire

Fully Assembled or DIY Kit

Expected Lifespan


Upgraded Features  

Urban Family Coop

Up to 6 Expand to 10

225 lbs +


10 yrs +


Stealth Height


Up to  4

125 lbs +


10 yrs +


Very Popular

Stand-Up Small Flock Hen Care 

Up to 6

400 lbs +


10 yrs +


Our Biggest Coop

Large Capacity Walk-In Coop

Up to 20 Expand to 25

800 lbs +


DIY / Contractor Kit Only

10 yrs +