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Backyard Coop and 2 Run Extensions With Storm Panels

Our 4 year old demonstration Backyard Coop, 2 Run Extensions and full set of Storm Panels

Airflow in your coop is your biggest concern whether its summer or winter. But extreme storms can bring too much of a good thing to the outdoor areas of any coop. Snow / Storm Panels are for the run areas of your coop and add temporary extra protection for extreme sideways driven stormy weather in hot or cold seasons, but are especially good at keeping snow out.

They are designed to be attached and detached during inclement conditions in warm or cold seasons, only when needed. Panels are “transparent” so they let critical light in, but in summer, do provide some shade too. As for the physical panels themselves, they are corrugated and made from 100% recycled UV protectant enriched polyethylene plastic sourced here in North America. Each panel is custom cut to fit each product. Panels attach and detach using special made neodymium rare earth magnets which hold them securely in place onto wired panels but allow for them to be easily removed for storage when the weather improves. They literally Click-on and Click-off as needed. [Learn More]

Urban Coop Company Coops Are in Use In All 50 States

Orders Plotted to Center of Zip Code Through March 30, 2016

multi-climate-2We get asked all the time in what part of the country our coops get used. Well, here you go. As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Pretty much everywhere! Hot, cold, and everything in between. The other thing this picture probably tells, is the parts of the country that backyard chickens are most popular.  Hmmm 🙂

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