Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions

Urban Coop Company is a DBA of Endure Products, LLC.  It is our sincere goal at Urban Coop Company for you to have a happy experience with us. Along with the quality of our product, our highest value is placed on our customer relationships. Like every relationship, there are risks involved for both parties. We endeavor to outline them the best we can in how we do business both throughout our site and in these policies, terms and conditions. If you have any doubts about anything at any time you should contact us by email to clarify. We will do everything possible to make sure you’re happy with your purchase.

Privacy: Urban Coop Company, its employees, contractors, agents, vendors or affiliates (collectively known as us, we and our) will not knowingly use or divulge personally identifiable information we collect from you in the course of doing business with us for any reason other than matters directly relating to the sale, service or support of products that you have purchased from us. Our sales are conducted by secure transmission (https 2048-bit encryption) and necessary order data is stored on secured servers in password protected databases. We do not store credit card data in Urban Coop Company computer systems or paper files. Credit Card information is passed off to a credit card processing service (at the current time PayPal or Square) when placing an order and not kept by us on our systems. Please note, we monitor and make a good faith effort to adhere to any then current privacy policies only for the United States of America (and good common sense) even though you may be shopping our site from some other country.

Certain personally unidentifiable information about a visit to is collected for purposes of us better understanding traffic on our website such as general locales of visitors, time spent per visit, pages visited, computing equipment used in the visit and other not personally identifiable information known as “website stats”. Among other things, this information may include our site putting a “cookie” onto your computer, as would be allowed by your browser settings, so that among other features, your cart and wish list items can be stored even if you have not registered for an account, or that we could advertise to you some special offer. If you were to ever provide us an email address and/or phone number, we do not (will not) sell or offer this information to third parties but may use for marketing purposes of our own or our other owned companies. Marketing purposes may include our sharing that information with our Social Causes non-profits K12 Canaan ( and/or its members for the purposes of advertising its activities to you and or soliciting donations.

Please Note: Our site depends on some elements of the Cookie for proper function and if you do not allow Cookies to be active during your session you may experience erratic behavior.

Photos, emails or any other content (materials) that are submitted to us as testimonials, reviews, feedback or other such similarly named information, is submitted to Urban Coop Company with the understanding that we may use such materials for the purposes of promoting our products in ways that we deem appropriate. We agree to not use identifiable full names, telephone numbers, addresses, or email addresses of individuals who submit such information without explicit permission. We will assume that if there are photos that are provided in which people can be identified, the photos are submitted with with presumed permission to use the photos as we see fit for promotional purposes without the need of further permission and without the need of any sort of model release and/or compensation. With that said, if there are people in pictures that you submit to us, we will endeavor to seek permission prior to using those pictures.

Pre-Sales: There are divergent opinions on matters regarding small flock chicken keeping. We will NEVER knowingly mislead anyone about expectations with our products. We develop our recommendations based on our own considerable experiences in small flock chicken keeping, considerable feedback for our national customer base, advice from hired experts and advice from the poultry academic community. We consider ourselves as experts in matters regarding small flock chicken keeping and certainly our own products. With that said, you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your flock and satisfaction of your choice to purchase our products and among other things, your opinion on how many birds belong in any given sized coop or the suitability of a product for your breed. We want happy customers. A big part of that is accurately setting expectations on what we sell and we will endeavor to do that in a way that helps you make the best decision. For bio-security reasons our refund policies are only available for unused products.

Terms & Conditions: We will ship any purchase you make as promptly as possible after funding is confirmed. When you place your order you will be billed in full for your purchase and given a slot in our production schedule. If for any reason we cannot ship your order within 5 business days of you placing your order, such as materials availability, seasonal sales spikes or funding issues, we will notify you using the email address you provided at the time you placed your order so that you can at your sole option choose to keep your order in place, change or cancel your order with a full refund of funded monies. Your order confirmation email will state when we expect your coop to ship. If we expect that the shipping of your order will exceed three weeks, we may also place a notice on our web site on the product page to provide additional notice. Orders placed by phone are subject to these Terms & Conditions. Customer items or orders left unclaimed or returned as undeliverable are subject to resale or disposal after 45 days. We expressly reserve the right to at our sole discretion refuse to sell our products to any party at any time for any reason. We may also, at our sole discretion, direct the form of payment that we will accept on a transaction.

Shipping: The vast majority of the time our shipments go smoothly with no issues. We ship with either FedEx, UPS, USPS or common freight carriers to Continental US addresses served by those services. Contact us for foreign or outlying US territory address shipping quotes. Once your shipment leaves our facility it is out of our direct control but we will maintain responsibility to report to you on your shipments progress until you receive it. All shipments will be insured to arrive in new undamaged condition and if they are not, replacement product will be sent out to you at no cost to replace any damaged product. Because of carrier time limits on claiming shipping damage, you agree to open and inspect your shipment within 30 days of receiving it. We may be unable to honor shipping damage claims beyond 30 days of delivery. If upon opening boxes you notice any damage, please contact us immediately so we can resolve the problem.

Your Satisfaction:  We lovingly make our coops right here in the USA with fellow Americans using largely US sourced materials. We take your satisfaction very seriously.  Our satisfaction guarantee protects you in two ways. Part one gives you a chance to return the product in the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied once you receive it.  The second part of our guarantee addresses the quality of our materials and workmanship of our products assuring you that your products quality performs as intended.

If within 60 days of you receiving your coop you decide you don’t like it, send it back and we’ll refund your full purchase price, shipping and any tax paid, less return shipping charges. Used or not. Email us to receive return authorization and we will dispatch a carrier for pickup and pay return shipping charges which will be deducted from your refund, initiated upon receipt of your return. We will insure the return shipment for the value of your purchase. If your product has been personalized, it is also subject to a 10% reconditioning charge. This policy applies to refused shipments as well as non-responding recipients of shipments that were properly ordered.

We think these guidelines are fair and hope you do too. Inspect the quality of your coop when you open your boxes and make sure you’re satisfied. If you assemble and use your coop you will have to disassemble it to return it. Keep your boxes until you’re certain you are satisfied.  The boxes that we ship in are custom made and if it becomes necessary to return your coop it will have to be re-packaged for return and your original boxes are the best and easiest way to do that. We won’t accept back modified product or product that was damaged or destroyed due to vandalism or acts of nature. For obvious reasons, we require return of product for any issued refund. This offer is valid only for end users who purchase their coops at

Warranty: All Urban Coop Company manufactured parts are warranted 100% against material and workmanship defects for 2 years (24 months) from the date of purchase when used as intended and not modified.  A part that does not perform as intended during the warranty period, whether the fault of materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced for no charge to the original purchaser.

Our warranty is only extended to the original purchaser and in no circumstance can Urban Coop Company be responsible for consequential damages. As the manufacturer of your coop, whether you purchase direct from us or a service partner, we will honor and administer any warranty directly to you, the end customer, if you are qualified to receive warranty benefits. Any modification or alteration of a product will invalidate its warranty and suitability for use.

Pricing: As the manufacturer of the coops we sell, we establish a “List Price” for our products and a “Retail” price. We may also refer to our “Retail” price as our Seasonal, Buy Direct, Sale, Sales or some other similarly worded price as part of our promotional efforts. We have derived our List Price for our products formulaically based in part on our materials, labor costs, facilities & operations, profit and in some instances taking into consideration, whenever possible, competitive “like products” in the market place. These prices will change for seasonal demand and marketing reasons periodically.

We also periodically advertise “Limited Time Offers” or other similarly worded extra “deal” that allow us to promote certain products and/or package combinations. These prices will change for seasonal demand and marketing reasons periodically as part of our marketing efforts.

In any case, we will clearly post the price you will pay through the buying process (including shipping costs) and our Price Guarantee protects you for from a lower price. If we are ever to put a product on sale or offer a special, you may request a refund of the difference of what you paid for an identical product(s) or package (Our Low Price Guarantee) within 14 calendar days of your purchase.

Due to the unpredictability of raw material costs, demand, seasonal stock fluctuations and shipping price volatility prices are subject to change with or without notice. You may only redeem one special offer per order.

We may send you as a promotion or you may have received as a gift or as a promotion on our site, a “Gift Card” which may be redeemed for a credit against your purchase on our web site on product(s) which may or may not already be on sale. “Gift Cards” have no cash value outside their redemption toward intended product purchases on our site.

Price comparisons in combination packages and savings are based on purchasing products separately rather than together and incurring separate shipping charges. When we can bulk package product together in one shipment, we save money on shipping and share that savings with you.

Urban Coop Company also makes its coops available to “Storefront” owners at wholesale prices if bought in bulk. These Storefront Partners of Urban Coop Company allow our coops to be made available, in some locales, closer to the geographic location of a customer getting them a coop faster.  These storefront businesses purchase product in bulk, ship it to themselves at their own cost and also burden the cost of inventorying the product. They may add additional services to the product like assembly and/or delivery.  These Storefront Partners price product at their discretion and Urban Coop Company does not control their pricing.

Our Military & Police Discount offer is valid from 5/23/2016 going forward until canceled, which is at the sole discretion of Urban Coop Company. It cannot be claimed retroactively. Urban Coop Company, at its sole discretion, may ask for proper official proof of the service that you are relying on for the discount and may also, at its sole discretion, reject the request for discount if it was to determine that the proof of service provided was not satisfactory.

Our Schools, Universities & Government offer is valid from 2/1/2017 going forward until canceled, which is at the sole discretion of Urban Coop Company. It cannot be claimed retroactively. Urban Coop Company, at its sole discretion, may ask for proper official proof of the entity who is making the purchase and may also, at its sole discretion, reject the request for discount if it was to determine that the proof provided was not satisfactory.

Intellectual Property: All photos, copy, logos, trade names and design elements used on the website are the property of Urban Coop Company unless otherwise noted or as may be owned by another entity and notated or licensed as required. The design of our coops and/or our accessories and/or our printed and electronic product materials are our intellectual property and are covered by pending and/or issued design and/or utility patents and/or copyright laws. We intend the benefit of our intellectual property to extend to our paying customers for their own private personal use and no one else. Any other use requires the express written permission of Urban Coop Company. We reserve the right to amend, improve, or change our designs as market and production needs require.

Disclaimers: In combination with specific information provided on a product, this site in general, and/or in the instructions for your particular product, these global disclaimers apply to any purchase made from us…

  1. You have sole responsibility for ascertaining the suitability of use of any of our products. We will never, ever, knowingly mislead you.
  2. You are responsible for taking all necessary safety precautions during the unpacking, assembly and use of our products. Our products are tested extensively and we have a policy of swiftly upgrading designs if we ever learn of a recurring issue.
  3. Our products are not intended to support anything other than their own weight and should not be stood upon. You probably can, but its a bad idea.
  4. Children should not be left unattended near our products because among other dangers, they may become trapped inside. For obvious reasons, we do not provide an exit latch from inside our coops.
  5. We use natural wood products as a material in our coops and among other dangers, splinters are possible. Its called “rough” cedar for a reason. With that said, if there is some sort of “shard” we’ve missed, we’ll certainly replace a part.
  6. We use metal roofs in many of our products and even though great care is taken to check edges of roof metal in our shop, it is well known that sheet metal, which roof metal is formed from, can have very sharp edges that will slice you. We almost exclusively rely on factory cut edges to minimize risk, but they’re still sharp. Where we do cut an edge, we use shears designed to micro-roll edges as to minimize sharpness. When possible, we round corners off. But still, you need to provide care when you or children come in contact with any metal roofing material, including the material we use. Watch small children around the coop carefully.
  7. Edges of wire that we use in our coops can be sharp. We certainly try to “nip” and hammer down loose ends.
  8. If you believe you have received a defective part, don’t try to alter it as this will void your warranty. We will gladly replace any part found to be defective during our warranty period.
  9. Our satisfaction policy allows you to return product. If you receive your purchase and feel you cannot safely assemble it and/or safely use it… return it. We will honor your request consistent with our then in force return policy.
  10. If you’re picking up your coop at our facility we want to be as helpful as possible loading and strapping your new coop but can only do so at your instruction. We cannot be responsible for the suitability of your vehicle or trailer for the task, providing straps or rope, or deciding for you how best to secure your load. We will work for you at your instruction. And we cannot of course be responsible for any of your load that were to become loose during your trip.

Worried about something we haven’t covered ? Contact us and let us address your concern.