Be more independent, organic, or just enjoy doing things naturally…
Whether you see sustainability as food security, or as being organic, or just getting back to a more natural way of doing things, self-sufficient poultry practices make sense. These products are custom designed to work in conjunction with our Round-Top Coops™. We’re committed to creating sustainability options for our coops.


  • Cedar Black Soldier Fly Larvae composting bin for the Round-Top Backyard™ (fall 2017)
  • Large capacity PVC Plastic Roll-Up Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composting Cone (fall 2017)
  • Solar Incubation Package for the Round-Top Sustain™ (late 2017)
  • Rain water collection kits (late 2017)
  • Smart Coop Cell Phone Monitoring Kits (mid-2018)


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