Four-pak of feeder tubes sit under magnetically attached removable roof panel.Four-pak of feeder tubes sit under magnetically attached removable roof panel.

EZ-Fill Feeder² Quad-Pak For Walk-In


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Key Points

Custom Made to Match Your Coop

4-Pak holds ~ 30 lbs of typical layer crumbles
4+ days for 15 adult hens
Designed for use with adult birds (use brick for juveniles)
Made of food grade, UV resistant rugged plastic
Food is dispensed by gravity into a serving cup
Weather resistant
Easily cleaned and sanitized for bio security
No-Poop vertical tower design
Gravity Feeders

A note about gravity style feeders…

Urban Coop Company - Stand-Up Chicken Coop
Our new EZ-Fill Feeder² is improved and will easily hold a long weekends worth of food. Gravity feeders are a class of feeders that, as the name implies, rely on gravity to dispense feed. Chickens eat, and more falls down. ANY gravity feeder can clog, although our new EZ-Fill Feeders² fight this tendency.
In high humidity areas, with certain feeds, during certain seasons of the year, our feeders can clog too. If a feeder did clog, shaking the feeder will almost all the time dislodge the food. Feed absorbs moisture. Some feeds contain anti-clumping agents to keep them from absorbing moisture during manufacturing and those feeds do best.
Many times, more expensive organic feeds do not have anti clumping agents in them, and are in fact, more susceptible to clogging.Experiment with different feeds that are available in your area to discover what’s best. But you will no doubt, sooner or later, need to shake tap or poke at the feed to dislodge it.
Customers report feed stored in original paper feed bags clogs less. At least with our Easy-Fill Feeders, you’re doing it from outside the coop 🙂


Compatibility Note
Please Note: We have customers who from time-to-time purchase our accessories to use with non Urban Coop Company products. Due to the custom nature of our accessories design and fabrication, we cannot warrant the suitability of their use outside their intended purpose.
Shipping Rate Notice

Please Note: This accessory ships for free when purchased with a coop due to bulk rate shipping on packages. * Zone based per item rate calculated in cart starting from shown price.