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Sustain GrubCone™

Coming Fall 2017
SKU 980
Part of the Sustain Poultry™ System

  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae Composter
  • Large Capacity Patent Pending Cone Shaped Design
  • Self Harvesting
  • Made From 100% Recycled HDPE Plastic
  • UV Resistant
  • Self Tending Design
  • Produces 1/4 to 1/2 pound of Fresh Grubs / Day
  • 10 Year Service Life Design

The average American family of four throws away about 1600 pounds of food scraps annually.  The patent pending GrubCone™ cone works off of a combination of organic food scraps and other organic waste mixed in! One cone can provide fresh grub supplement for 6-10 chickens and decomposes all your food waste… providing a useful grub in return.

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