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Mobile Coop Raised Garden Base
Mobile Coop Raised Garden Base
Mobile Coop Raised Garden Base
Mobile Coop Raised Garden Base

Mobile Coop Garden Base

$49 Shipping* SKU 573
Custom Made to Fit A Round-Top Mobile™ Coop

  • Western Red Cedar lasts a long time
  • About 6″ Deep
  • Assembles with cordless drill with provided hardware
  • Buy from us or build your own.  See below for downloadable plans.

Let your hens do the work…

The idea of the Garden Base is to own multiples of them, and leave the coop on one allowing hens to fertilize and till the soil while you’re busy growing in the others.  Rotate coop to other bases throughout the year when those crops have been harvested to rejuvenate the soil. Also suitable to be use as a way to get “High Ground” for your mobile coop and/or add additional predator protection.

Shipping Rate Notice: This accessory ships for free when purchased with a coop due to bulk rate shipping on packages. * Zone based per item rate calculated in cart starting from shown price.

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Downloadable Plan Set

(click image to download 6 meg .pdf file)

Please Note: We have customers who from time-to-time purchase our accessories to use with non Urban Coop Company products. Due to the custom nature of our accessories design and fabrication, we cannot warrant the suitability of their use outside their intended purpose.

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